Where can I get my xbox 360 repaired

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    Arrow Where can I get my xbox 360 repaired

    I brought my US 360 here and fried my power supply, so I brought another from here that doesn't require a conversion. Now when I power up my Xbox it immediately powers down and I get a three red light (all except the top right light), which the manual says is an internal error. Where can I take my 360 to be repaired or is there a more simple solution.

    Thanks for any help given.

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    Computer arcades. 188 Wanchai Road I am pretty sure they could do it.

    Otherwise check out the usual suspects at 298 Hennessy, Wanchai Computer Center, Golden Arcade in Sham Shui Po.

    I also know of a shop in Sha Tin that would be able to do it - depends on your location.

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    Wanchai Computer Center has a pretty reliable shop on the first floor its towards the right and has dozens of old / used / refurbed consoles on display in the shop.

    We've had a Japanese XBOX modded by that guy.

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    Thanks for the info...

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    Holy crap you have the RROD.... That is according to all stories a potential graphics unit problem. Might have to send that back to states to RMA it. I would really double check that and not have dudes open it up. Not possible to replace the graphics unit. My 360 in US was RROD and that was the only way to replace it.

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    I know this thread's quite old but can any one recommend a repair guy who can fix the xbox 360. our console is totally conked out and frankly I don't want to pay 834 bucks for a console exchange, courtesy of Xbox.

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    You could try to do it yourself. There are tons of videos on youtube showing you how to open the 360 and how to do the "X-Clamp" repair. It's really quite easy - no soldering or any great technical knowledge required. You need a torx screwdriver, which you can get from most hardware stores.

    I did mine a few months ago and it's been going strong ever since. I bought this kit off ebay (works out less than HK$70), but you could also just buy the parts yourself from a good hardware store.

    XBOX 360 REPAIR KIT + THERMAL PASTE + FULL INSTRUCTIONS on eBay, also, Xbox 360, Accessories, Video Games (end time 01-Jun-09 10:59:12 BST)

    I know some shops in Sham Shui Po will fix it - they told me they needed to put in a "new" 2nd hand motherboard and would charge HK$600. I was told by a guy in a WanChai shop that this is a bit of a scam and it's likely to get the RROD again.

    I recommend you do the X-clamp fix and maybe stick a HK$80 cooling fan on the back to keep it a bit cooler in the future (from any 360 accessories shop).

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