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Amazon Video & Amazon Fire

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    Amazon Video & Amazon Fire

    I installed Amazon Video (App) on my Samsung tablet. I am able to download video for offline viewing to the tab but was wondering if there was any way to download to the mem card (SD) instead as the internal memory is rather small.

    Also does anyone know of any store in HK that sells the Amazon Fire HD8 tablet. I have seen a lot of Kindles around but no Fire tabs.


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    The Fire 8 (they dropped the Kindle name) is not available in Hong Kong. You can buy one direct from Amazon for around$149.99 USD and drop ship it to one of many drop shippers, such as They then will send it to you within three days after arrival. I just bought a new Fire 8 for $100.00USD on There are people selling gifts and other new models for discounts at auction and buy it now. I have a Kindle Fire HDX but wanted to upgrade to the newest model. It works great in Hong Kong for everything from a phone to video viewer to newspaper viewer to email and internet access. I highly recommend it and no, I do not own Amazon shares at this time.

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