Anyone using BEIn sprts Rugby World Cup pack?

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    Anyone using BEIn sprts Rugby World Cup pack?

    Is the service reliable? I have a 5-year-old telly and a strongish internet connection. It's not an expensive package ($600HK for all 48 matches) but I would happily avoid the rage I tend to feel when services like this don't, um, service. Anyone used them before?

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    interested too....i tried to download onto my ipad but it didnt work as my apple account is a US one...

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    You can try Kayo which has 14 day's free trial, then AU$25 (HK$140 per month) after that. Can cancel at any time, no lock in contracts. It has all 48 games of the rugby. Technically Kayo should only work in Australia, but with my smart DNS I can use it in Hong Kong.

    Also it has cool split screen function so you can watch 4 channels at the same time on your TV

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