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    Lightbulb Nintendo Switch Power Adapter

    Hello, Can anyone tell me where I can find a nintendo switch power adapter in Hong Kong. I know that some shops sell the 水 option which is regarded as fake. I went to Tsuen Wan and found a shop. The seller brought out a box of nintendo switch power adapters packed in plastic cover and he was selling them for $180 . I didnt buy it because I thought Its 水 fake. Does anyone know a shop which doesnt sell fakes and I could find the original adapter option which comes which a box packing. *I have the new switch that was released in 2019 which has a bigger battery so I dont know if the adapters are the same.

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    Do you need it for the dock or just charging the Switch? If it's just the switch, you can charge with a regular USB C cable

    Check the game shops in SSP or Mongkok.

    水 = Parallel / Grey Import

    Ask for Nintendo HAC 002