Recently went through the trouble of finding a genuine seller at sham shui po and man it was tough...

Some background, switch is $2349 RRP but due to shortages prices have been ranging from $2500 - $3800 Fortress / Broadway / AEON / you name it are out of stock and sometimes have raffles for a chance to win a ticket to purchase one at RRP.

This pretty much leaves private stores the only option and thankfully the 9/10 of the wonderful sellers at golden arcade have a 'special price' for you when you're about to pull the trigger.

Here's a typical scenario they'll use:

  1. Nintendo switch is only $2500! (great deal right? yes I'll take one even when its slightly above RRP)
  2. but you need to buy a screen protector and case package which is $380!
  3. but to play a game, you need to buy a memory card at $300!
  4. So total is $3180 without a game!

The only store I found that was genuine upfront was 38A Game Station which also seems to be listed as a authorized seller of Nintendo 3DS(not a typo, they probably didn't update the website). Upfront they were genuine and said its $2880 drive away which is includes a screen protector and case, none of that bs surprise cost from every other seller.

TLDR: I'm not affiliated with the store and I just want to share my experience, but if you're looking to purchase a Switch at golden arcade, I recommend buying from 38A Game Station and avoiding the other stores who are too busy playing with their phones as they only tell you the final cost when making the purchase.