Where to buy pirate dvd's, xbox games etc...

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    Where to buy pirate dvd's, xbox games etc...

    Hi guys i was in Hong Kong in September last year and went to my usual place of purchase on Nathan rd in Mong Kok its a 3 level building near the Hong Kong Jockey club, anyway all the pirated stuff was gone all the shutters were down, I think the police shut the place down.
    Is it up and running again or are there other places now?
    If anyone has any info please let me know i will be back there in March/April.


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    Are you mad? You shouldn't confess to wanting fanban games on a public forum as you don't know who could be reading this! Hope the feds don't read it! hehe

    Well the shops open and shut all the time and there has been a big clampdown on these and the usual place in mongkok computer centre has been shut down for a while too. Haven't been back to the computer centre for a while so not sure if its returned in some capacity.

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    Sim City, 47-51 Shantung St, Mongkok, and (I think it's 298) Hennessy Road are very bad places and you should not go there because they sell pirated wares. Sometimes the doors are down because the police are in the building.