XBOX 360 and Netivigator connection

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    my WRT54G v3 works.

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    hi all i am having a problem connecting to Xbox live also. I have a ASUS wirless router. i have connected the ethernet cable from the xbox 360 to the router and all the correct information comes up in regard to IP address and DNS server address. but when i go to connect for some reason i am getting a DNS server fault. i have even tried using an alternate MAC address and that doesn't work either. any ideas would be appreciated. thanks

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    for routers i would stay away from linksys as far as i can, no matter what the purpose of the router is...they are garbage if you ask me.
    Belkin and netgear (open source) are way better when it come to stability, average transfer rate and support.

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    ok cool, i have tried plugging the cable from xbox 360 to the modem and it gets a feed as the correct information appears in the test screen but for some reason i am still getting the DNS fault??