Visa electron in HK?

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    Visa electron in HK?

    Is there any bank in HK issuing visa electron card? I couldn't find any. I've got no HK ID, so credit card linked to a deposit wouldn't work for me. Desperatly need International payment system card. No way?

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    Why can't you get one from whichever country you reside in?

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    technically, I can. practically, it might cost me a lot of wasted time and nerves. it already has. I found an info about pre-paid international card on one of the bank's website (just one). in my few visits to local braches the only answer I got "I don't know. It's ok" (that should be an approach to problem solving! ) even though I was showing a print from the website nobody moved a finger to find the end after I went harsh I got someone to call to a supervising office. there's a long story after that. any way, yes, I could get a card, but they sent all the "plastic" back to the head office due to no demand for it! I don't know what the outcome will be, still trying ))) credit card? hm technically, yes! ))) so if there was an outlet in HK, I simply would have got it on one of the visits...a lot easier ))) but seems like no any.
    Thanks for listening it's ok! i like challanges.