Exchange rate for large amounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew W Scott:
    Tell them you got about AU$5k to change, that should also get a better rate.
    Or mugged, depending on how they are feeling...

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK_Newbie100:
    Almost certainly the best rate to be had would be from an online currency company like

    You wire funds to XE in AUD, they convert to HKD, then wire HKD to your HK account.
    I use the site a lot, so have seen the XEtrade advertised there, but always felt a bit wary about it. I'm a bit nervous about sending substantial cash off to some website, no matter how long it's been on the net. They are appear to be a Canadian company, and their website says they have an "alliance" with Custom House (, which may just well mean they are an affiliate.

    I googled XEtrade to find some reviews, some were good, some not so good. There wasn't much out there actually. The general theme is that it takes a long time to set up, but that your money does get there eventually.

    Does anyone have any first hand experience using XEtrade? If so:

    1. How good was their rate? If you can remember, what percentage from the midrate was it?
    2. How quickly did they transfer the money?
    3. What hoops did you have to jump through to get your account opened?

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    Register with a forex compnay for free. Send them AUS, they change it in to HKD at market exchange rate, and send it to your account in HK.

    Easy and you never have to use them again, shop around for the best rate as none of them can legally oblige you to use them once your registered.

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