Insurance for local move

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    Insurance for local move

    We are moving from Kennedy Town to Taikoo in about 2 weeks time. We have got quotes from movers which in terms of monies are reasonable. I just wanted to check if its the normal trend to take out insurance when do you a local move. The insurance can either be paid in a lump sum or is roughly 1.5% for a simple coverage is what the movers have told us.

    Would like to know if anyone has taken insurance and benefited from it or it doesn't make a difference at all.



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    We didn't bother with insurance, but we didn't have that we were particularly afraid of damaging.

    The movers were careful of obviously semi-delicate stuff like the huge computer and the television. Everything else was just furniture and random household crap. Good furniture is sturdy enough to survive some rough treatment. Cheap (Ikea) furniture is basically disposable anyway.

    Now, if you have a flat full of huge glass dining tables, expensive crystal dining sets and china, then maybe insurance would be useful.

    It's probably more important to have a bunch of movers who are good, than to take out insurance.

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