Hi all,

Just moved to HK a few days ago, and going through the motions of finding apartment, bank, phone etc… and had a question on the banking side of things.

In the UK and US, cashback/rebate credit cards are quite popular, i.e. cards where you get back a fixed percentage of your total spending, usually as a lump sum once a year, somewhere in the range 0.5 - 1.5 % of total spend. Are these common in HK, and would you generally recommend them? Or are there better deals out there? I was looking at the Standard Chartered “executive platinum” card which offers 1% off everything with a perpetual fee waiver (and 5% the first two months up to HK$500). Are there any catches? Any better alternatives? Link:


You need to have a “payroll account”. What is this? Just the account where your salary is paid into or is there something more?

I see an old thread from 2006-2008 about this subject, but perhaps it would be helpful for people to post the best/latest offer they know in this new thread?

Thanks a lot.