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Hong Kong Savings Account

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    Hong Kong Savings Account

    I have been searching high and low for a good savings account in Hong Kong. Hoping someone here will have some useful information. I am looking for something similar to the ANZ Online Savings Account in Australia. Typically 2.5%p.a., no minimum, no monthly fees and option to have sub-accounts (makes it easier to save for certain goals).

    I had something similar in the UK with ING Direct. However they don't have anything of the sort in Hong Kong. Does anyone know of an account like this in HK? It doesn't have to be exactly the same, the most important factor is having sub-accounts and obviously the 2.5%p.a. is good too!

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    Some banks offer free accounts and sub-accounts but only if your balance exceeds a certain figure, like HSBC Advance or Premier.

    BTW: I would be wary if any bank would be offering 2.5% in HK for HKD at the moment, the current market rates are nowhere near that.

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    savings account interest will be around 0.01-0.25% havent seen sub accounts here in the same way as Oz - think most people are putting savings into property or share market?