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hi , problem with hsbc need to consult with you guys

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    Troll alert

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonnymahoni:
    i get rich quickly.... i have several bank account. but one of my company register here
    it's make a sense i will need personal account why i'm talking to losers. gfys
    Hey Donald Trump, maybe you need to get one of your people onto it

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    As this thread is clearly impossible to take seriously, let me correct it for you:

    Quote Originally Posted by tonnymahoni:
    i need currency reflexibility and massive movement in my bowels
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    McDonald's refused to sell me a Big Mac earlier, where can I sue them for hk$10,000?

    I eat in McDonald's all over the world, and every time I eat at least 2 meal deals there.

    I have been told McDonald's are the best, that's why I stay from Burger King and KFC.

    I need my Big Macs!

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