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Hang Seng Bank refused my company account request

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    I would not get involved with any passing of "money". To even mention that word and still conduct business with that person, I would not feel bad for you if you got charged or locked up. It's just like when you go to the airport, there are certain words you don't say. If you say them even jokingly and get tackled, well that's your fault.

    I have opened business bank accounts, simply by calling the bank, the banker arranged the MPF provider and both met me for a coffee and we did everything in less than 2 hours. Not sure why you are having difficulty. It could have been done faster had I not had questions on certain processes.

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    I got my company account setup like 3-4 months ago
    It took me around 3 months. And for the first 2.5 months, there were no constructive progress at all.
    We all understood the banks would prefer not to open a bank account for new client unless they can make profit for sure (e.g. buy all sorts of wealth management products...blah blah blah)

    One day I can't bear anymore, I kept calling to business centre until the reception had to take my phone.
    And finally notice that the RM who followed my application had gone/resigned whatsoever.

    I wrote a lengthy email to the respective staff and threatened that I would complain to their QAD and if the result was not satisfactory, I would further escalate the issue to HKMA.

    In the email, I specified all the correspondences with exact dates and their lack of replies even though I made my reply in a timely manner. I prepared my information in accordance with the format of HKMA's complain forms. So they knew my next step if result was not satisfactory.

    In the end, my bank account was opened after 2 weeks (working days). And I suggest you can also start to apply in another bank (usually a smaller but easier bank).

    So the point of complaints is to make sure they know I will make them more troubles before they solve my issues. It suckx but it works for me.

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