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the remaining balance that i have if im not mistaken 18k but in the leeter they send to my home address as of may it grow to 24k.
This is likely because of fees and interest. FWIW these are _not_ set in stones. The bank (or more likely by now, the collections agency) is looking to get as much money from you as they can. If you can save up money corresponding to a meaningful fraction of the original loan, it might be possible to get them to settle. E.g., you tell them that you could ask a friend for 15k, but of course this is meaningless if their fees already made the outstanding debt 30k. So you'd only do this if they would forgive the remaining amount. I think there are organisations in HK that help domestic helpers with financial issues - try to speak to one of them. Given how you seem not very well informed on financial matters it would massively help to get proper advice from someone with hands on experience.