I'm confused about the daily rmb limit for deposit in HK banks, basically up to the 'free' amount.

For standard chartered and BoC, is it up to 200 notes (max 20k) per account, or per person as I had to show ID?

So in theory can someone deposit 20k rmb to my account at the same time as me doing the same amount over the counter/ATM? Or will the latter one get charged the small % fee?

I tried to give 20k to my partner's account after I added 20k to my account at the same time, the cashier asked if they were with me and said no, so was unable to make the latter deposit. I couldn't really understand the cashier but definitely heard a limit being reached.

Do people just go to another branch of the same back to get around this issue? Or is it all tracked by who's paying?

If I had time I would just wait until the next day but usually I don't when I visit HK.