Had 2 incidences just over this weekend that alerted me (or mainly me alerting my wife) that credit card acquiring gateways are playing their tricks and means to cream more money out from you.

One was a regular annual subscription payment kind of thing. Went thru my paypal account and the payment arranger just conveniently put it into a FX rate that is native to the card number. I am fairly certain the original payment was in the local currency (JPY) but the renewal payment automated into HKD (+5% FX spread)

Second is a new gateway from University of London website. I think its by Flywire or something. The website just made it in a very roundabout way to get you to pay in non-local currency. If you put your payment location is HK, it will force you to use either HKD or USD, but remove the local currency choice from you. Only if you says 'payment location is UK'.. then you get billed the local GBP price.

Yes acquisition business is not money making as most of the money goes to the network and the issuer, but its extremely sly and unscrupulous for these players now..