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Very annoying but indeed seems to be the norm. I attempted to take out a loan through Citi (MoneySmart showed they have good rates... but based on a $1.5mil loan)... and then you click through and nowhere do they tell you the actual % and seems evident you won't find out until after listing off all your pets names, past addresses of deceased relatives, star sign of every sibling... to hell with that, I thought. Won't want money from an organisation that sells like this (and that's most of them).

Downloaded WeBank and in wife name managed to get one there. It was similar, in that actual % wasn't known till after approval, but they were more upfront with a more accurate ballpark at the beginning of the process.

Ended up with 2.16% for $100K - probably not worth pursuing for a fixed deposit, but still better than what the car dealership is offering.

By comparison, the Mox rate of 0.96% was amazing. I can't even make sense of it (I can only assume banking rules don't allow them to use the cash for other purposes).
According to the guy I talked to from welab bank, the interest rate was considered case per case based on your credit rate, loan amount, tenor, etc. Basically, the numbers on the ad was only for reference.
Pros: you can cancel/consider the loan within 7 days, no fee or penalty whatsoever.
Cons: you need to provide some personal information to get details of those loan information.