How do I become self employed in HK

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    As Moving says, it's for tax reasons. For example, under Salaries Tax (which you pay as an employee) you can't claim for business outgoings and expenses, etc. Under Profits Tax (which your business pays), you can claim for such things. So if you buy a new computer, as an freelancing employee you bear the cost; however, as a sole proprietor you can put the cost of the computer as a business expense. (Alas many years ago the IRD closed the loophole for ordinary salaried employees to do this...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MovingIn07:
    I think you've mis-understood the answers you have been given. Registering as a sole proprietor is basically registering YOURSELF as self-employed. It's about tax. It's NOT a business, which is different and much more complicated. You can't just be a freelancer without either - you need to be sole proprietor for tax reasons. Name can just be your name.

    Yep understood thanks