Hi Charlesng,

Good of you to reply to what of has been said.
You write your reply with good structured thought and sense of being. I am sure what has happened has been a salutary lesson to you and no doubt you felt like I have described you without me putting it in words. I do not take back one word of what I have said and would say it to you personally given the opportunity.

PM me and I will give you any opportunity you want. Not to stand and berate you but give you any experiance I could.

Next time. Even though you have Chinese in you, ask experienced people before you leap in again. Much more experienced people than you get spat out of the system.

Beware the smiling tiger, but you have learnt that now haven't you. Also if your a non Shenzhen'r with now powerfull local contacts and have any type of small business in the city, your troubles have only just begun, no matter how good the deal you think you have now.

Eyes are on you from everywhere and you should understand what that means from someone who has property and friends in the city.