Hi all,

I need some serious advise on this.

I am into online publication business based in INdia. Now am planning to incorporate the same in British Virgin Islands since i can have access to the UK regulator for my business. ( which works more swift than the Indian regulator )

Now my plan is to incorporate the company in BVi and have an account in HK or Singapore. Can that be done ? Should i visit HK or Singpaore personally or can i visit the branch offices in India ? Will i have access to physical banking in India ?

And i also need virtual offices in BVI. ( British regulator asks for it )

And i receive money from clients when they using their credit or debit cards for which am using an online payment gateway. Can i avail the services of payment gateway if i use such kind of structure ?

Kindly adivse me on these. I see almost too many companies providing such kinds of services. Totally confused on how to make a decision. Any pointers and suggestions. YOu are greatly welcome.

Kindly suggest me the