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Advice on going it along (trading)

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    Advice on going it along (trading)


    (should say going it 'alone' but can't change the title now!!)

    Looking for some help for a friend.

    She is not PR (from UK), currently working for a stockbrokers and has a visa sponsored by her company. She is looking at resigning and setting up trading for her own account i.e personal money for a living.

    Any thoughts on how the visa process works in these situations as she would no longer be sponsored. Would the usual taxes apply?

    She has researched online and contacted the immigration bureau which she is waiting for a response from. I said that I would ask on here as at least one person always seems to know the answer

    Thanks for your help!

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    Not much she can do . Maybe marry a local.

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    If she has a lot of personal money then perhaps she could qualify for the Capital Investment scheme:

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    She's not allowed to do that as far as I know. Eg, she needs to have a work visa to earn money here and if she's not working for a hong kong company then who is going to sponsor her?

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    Capital Investment Scheme info was really useful. She could probably work towards that threshold to become eligible but I don't think she'd want to invest it all ($10m HKD) in HK equities which is a requirement of the scheme. If it was maybe 50% of the threshold it would be possible.

    Still great information in case she gets in the position of having more than the threshold to invest so thanks.