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Help opening a company in HK, point me in the right direction?

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    Help opening a company in HK, point me in the right direction?

    Hi guys,

    As there's no sticky on this thread - and I'm sure it's been asking many times before - i'm looking for help opening a company in HKG. I believe propriety limited is the most appropriate. For starters, it will be online.

    I have a Hong Kong ID. I live in HKG currently.

    I was looking for reputable agencies to use (I don't want to do all the paperwork myself), and any other information you deem necessary as part of this process.

    Thanks so much, and sorry if I'm not using the search bar appropriately.

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    Pretty much any accounting firm will be able to offer company secretarial services - including setup, and should also have a few shell companies you can buy and startup instantly.

    Here's an advertiser of ours...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAherbert:
    thanks, phone number won't connect though :|

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    I guess i'm more looking for links like 'I used these guys, and they were really good' etc, that's all. On google there are 50+ companies doing the same thing

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    Honestly. I'd do it yourself.

    I work for a CSP and could do this for you but the paperwork is dead easy and you can even do it all online on the CR website. The fees we charge for this, whilst I don't consider expensive in a work environment, I consider it a lot of money personally. The real cost for doing it yourself is HKD 1,720 to the CR office and HKD 2,250 for a 1 year BR certificate.

    If you have any specific questions you can ask me on here.