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1 month to complete audit and I've no idea what I'm doing

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    I think @crombyboy may already be in Mauritius. Just realized that post was from last week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flameproof:
    Doesn't the audit for a limited company has to go though a CPA anyway? I think you can prepare it DIY, but not hand it in yourself.
    Yes, an audit must be done by a CPA but not every auditor is willing to help their clients prepare the FS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by civil_servant:
    I think @crombyboy may already be in Mauritius. Just realized that post was from last week.
    Similar thing happened to me 2 months ago, while I was in Phuket island... spent a bit more time on my laptop than usual... by the pool though
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    Left last night!! LOL. but I still appreciate all the replies! Will sift through everything later. I will try and apply for the extension either myself or through an accountant. My secretary outfit is horribly worthless and regularly don't even forward my mail for months. Seems fines aren't too bad either so I'll just stress down for a bit.

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    Rule #1 : dont ever miss renewal of AR/BR - they will throw the book at you for even 1 day late.

    Rule #2 : You can miss taxes (personal, property, corp) by a few days or even a few weeks with no objections. If you miss by a couple of months, a groveling letter usually erases any bad feelings.

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    I just wanted to update a little what happened, partly because I want advise, but mostly because I'm a good cautionary tale at this moment for others who wonder what will happen when they fuck up. Don't be me, kids.

    I applied for an extension through e-mail but was given a blunt rejection: "no." There was no time I was going to make it on time so I just resigned that I would get fined and put it at the back of my mind, enjoying Mauritius. Forward until NOW and like the idiot I am, once something is in the dark way back of my mind, it stays there, and I haven't done shit.I was recently sent a letter by the IRD to pay a $1300 HDK fine (actually maybe not a fine but money paid "to compound the offence", which I guess may or not may be different) and hand in my shit in 10 days. I asked for more than 10 days and was flatly rejected again, but they eventually asked me to send a letter specifying when I intend to hand it in and it seems this might not go much further. But if they don't agree to the compound, I think I'd be in the line for a $10,000 fine + treble the amount of tax I will owe them (which I think will end up being $0*3 anyways but hey).

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