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Significant Controllers Register and Designated Representative?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Memorandum
    Yes, no kidding. They want 30.000 HKD...

    I have attached a screenshot:
    What HK_Katherine said. Get someone who isn't trying to rip you off.

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    1-I did this stuff some time ago so now I don't recall all the details, however I remember having clearly seen somewhere a clause that prevented going the DIY route, since at some point there was some mandatory involvement of the company secretary.
    Ours is a DIY, much like traineeinvestor. Just did the annual paperwork with the CS last week and there was a line in some document in the annual filing where it was mentioned that the SCR was kept at some address, with is neither the registered or the branch address.

    Other than that no CS / Auditor involvement. No additional fees since its part of the annual filing

    Would have been nicer if I could have given them a google drive address, but they're not equipped for that.
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