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Does Hong Kong have a holiday-period during summer?

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    Does Hong Kong have a holiday-period during summer?

    I am wondering if Hong Kong has a holiday-period during summer, and if that is the case, then when is it?
    If it does not have it during summer, then when during the year does it have?

    I've been waiting for my accountant to send me the audit report for signatures, almost three weeks now, and it is exceptionally slow, and I am wondering if it could be related due to holiday periods?

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    There's no official 'holiday' period. But families who have the means and inclination to travel often pick some time during the summer, as the kids will be off school or enrolling in overseas summer schools.

    So yes, your accountant could be away. Or s/he could just be slack - why not chase and find out why?

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    its tax filing (peak) for them.....cut them some slack