advice for not maintaining company

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    advice for not maintaining company

    i incorporated a hk company in 2011 as a sole director and sole shareholder. It has never done any business or held any assets or opened a bank account. It has also never filed any annual returns, or prepared any accounts or held any AGMs, although I have been paying the annual BR fees.

    It seems that there is now a backlog of filings etc and potential penalties.

    I don't need the company anymore. Does anyone have experience with what to do in this situation, or have any recommendations for advisors who might be able to help?

    Many thanks

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    Check the registry, a company that has never filed annual returns since 2011 has most likely been struck off of the register. You don't have to do anything and you won't have to pay any fines unless you want to reactivate the company.

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    Just let it die on the vine. They don't care here.

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    Thanks. Curiously, the CR tried to strike it off in 2016 but someone objected to it! Do you think the CR will try to strike it off again at some point?