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Need recommendations for local providers for accounting service, company secretary provider, and insurance

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    Question Need recommendations for local providers for accounting service, company secretary provider, and insurance

    Super noob in starting a business.

    Looking to start a limited company. Will be quite a small company (max 4-5 people to start, including myself). Have a specific name in mind, so prefer to start from a clean slate rather than buying a shell company.

    HK resident, HK ID, and speaks Cantonese fluently (though quite rusty as had been overseas for 20 years).

    Struggling for find/determine non-sketchy companies, so hoping this forum can help.

    Looking for a provider who can:

    • Do accounting/bookkeeping, finance reporting, preparation of management accounts, consolidation of accounts etc.
    • Do payroll & MPF
    • Do tax return
    • Do Audit
    • Do online accounting - Xero, quickbooks or otherwise
    • Take an active, advisory role i.e. more advisory in suggesting where to save or how to save cash etc.

    Anything else we are missing?

    I looked through the most recent pages for suggestions, and found these providers:

    Anyone actually tried them recently (within the last 12 months) and can share their experience please?

    Company Secretary
    Seems to make sense to have this offered by the same accounting firm. Anyone here think it's best to have a separate provider otherwise?

    Got a rough idea of what coverage we need. But don't have a clue on where to go.Would like a provider who is familiar with coverages for online software companies & general/commercial companies.

    If anyone find that some of these services/our criteria should/would be good to be offered by the same provider, or should/would be best to have separate providers, please share your thoughts.

    Thanks so much

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    These guys look decent, I am in the process of choosing between these 2

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    try the bbc in hk and friends of bbc facebook group, a few within this field

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    Drop Eric Mak a line... several folks on GeoExpat have used him. He's a very reasonable and should be able to guide you through a fair bit of the accounting and setup process.

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