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(Urgent) Ask for help and sponsorship: My First Dubai Business Trip

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    Unhappy (Urgent) Ask for help and sponsorship: My First Dubai Business Trip

    Hi, my name is Iris Lau. I am the founder of The Chinese School LLC. Right now, I am working at Yuen Long Metro Workspace, where I can afford the rent HK$2000 per month. Recently, I won three global awards, including two Marketing 2.0- Outstanding Leadership Awards and one Education 2.0- Outstanding Organization Award. I am invited to attend to Marketing 2.0 Conference and Education 2.0 Conference, which will be held in Dubai in June.

    However, I can't afford the flight and accomodation for my first business trip. Also, I need a suitcase and a laptop for my conferences. Since I created credit card debt during COVID-19, I am still paying my min pay per month. More importantly, I can't borrow money easily. The two conferences are very important for me. Also, I would like to find a volunteer helper who can accompany with me to Dubai.

    May God blesses me. What should I do?


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    First of all, I would not post your WhatsApp number on a public forum

    Secondly, I would use the word slavery a bit less on your LinkedIn profile and maybe not slag off every employer you ever had

    Lastly, I would suggest you focus on making your business profitable rather than attending scam conferences and getting awards that you have to pay for.

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    @cookie09 thats some deep investigating you did of her , after reading your post, i went looking and finding her linked-in profile, seems nearly all her jobs she was a SLAVE
    @kitlau89 stay away from such dubious award places that makes you pay for your own flights n hotels, they will probably ask you to join some membership and enter some other programs (continous money milking scheme).

    If you cant afford to travel, dont even have a suitcase n laptop, focus on working of the debt you have in HK and focus on your business like what cookie said above.

    All the best!!!!

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