Healthcare Ad agencies

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    Healthcare Ad agencies

    Hey expaties

    Can anyone recommend me an Ad agency with healthcare/medical experience? I prefer small/medium agencies


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    This is not an HK firm but I did have some discussions with them about our firm doing some work for them. They specialize in health care out of Singapore. They were doing some work then for a UK health care group or something like that.

    Leona Lo
    Principal Consultant
    Talk Sense Pte Ltd
    DID: 6425 1053
    HP: 9723 6075
    Website: Talk Sense - Breakthrough, affordable and Effective Integrated Communications Service Provider

    My local favourite - small firm is - Lara Jeffries, Plug.

    Plug PR Clients

    She is great to work with and is here in HK. I just see her client list lists some health care.
    Email: [email protected]
    Telephone: (852) 3422 8127

    I have heard her speak so she knows ads.

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