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0.6% IN REAL TERMS!!! Hmmm, that isn't sounding so hot. I'd have to be the most risk adverse person in HK to take that deal. I also don't think i did the right initial calcs either.

I'll try again: If i put in 4k/month for 10 years (which earns approx 5%/yr) then i have approx. $504k. But with two bonuses of $150k (whoops, previously said $110k) which the first is paid after 5 years and earns interest, then if i bail out straight after receiving the 10 year benefit, then i'll have $504k + $157k + $150k = $811k. Over ten years i've invested $480k and got back $811k. Roughly approximate to a 59% return which is about 5%/annum. The most important part is that its guaranteed.

Does anyone know of any other Banks offering the same thing?
Yes, I know of something similar that was introduced to me the other day