I have a good type reading everyones advise on the financial markets and I only play stocks to put a few extra dollars in the kitty.

I have built up some of my portfolio through ipos of H shares.

Keeper stocks that led to some modest gains.

I do admit that I am a novice but am surprised by investing $10,000 for a few lots of ipos and get $3,000-$4,000 out of it. This in matter of weeks.

But ipos, i realise you have to pick your spots.

I do realise that retails and institutional investors or two different ball games.

Anyway, I want to see if there are any banking services in HK which can enable me to apply for ipo's on foreign markets.

With the past weeks market volatility, China Life draining HK funds into China Markets, do we expects to see alot of back and forth money movement especialy when the are hot ipos in the Shanghai market.

If so can a simple guy like me get in on the action.