I recently started trading on the HK market, and found that there are not a lot of resources for research.

I do have access to some institutional portals such as goldman sachs, jp morgan, ubs, hsbcnet and lehman live. Which of these institutions have the most extensive coverage of HK stocks. In particular where can I find analysts covering hk small caps?

On the mutual fund side, hk morningstar does not have very much information compared to the us/international section, whats the best resource for mutual funds. I was told at HSBC that most mutual funds in HK are load funds, even the index funds, it seems crazy to have to pay 2% commissions for simple index funds (that often have unreasonable mgmt fees). Has anyone successfully negotiated away the commission fees at HSBC? My advisor told me that if i order thorugh her i would get a discount, but still not for free. But I guess that HK having excellent tax regulations for investing people are willing to pay 2% because there is no capital gains tax. I would prefer to stick with HSBC for simplicity.

I posted a subjects on warrants in hong kong, most of which seem to be european style, why are American style options seldom traded in hk?

Also are there any other english online communities/message boards for investing that are worth a visit?