Etf Fxi Wtf?

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    Question Etf Fxi Wtf?

    So it's another annual appearance from me, with a question for all the biz gurus out here.

    I really want to put some $$ into China, preferably through a fund rather than equity.
    I'm thinking ETFs - the iShares FXI China ETF.
    Is it a good time to buy or have i missed the bus and it's going to bottom out?

    And where can I buy one of these? Called up HSBC and they seemed reluctant to share much.

    tau che.

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    If you mean the Hang Seng FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index then its tradeable as 2838 on the Hong Kong exchange so you can buy it through any broker, including HSBC online. Other China ETFs are also available. Full list here: