I have a small workshop on the top floor of an industrial building in Kowloon Bay. The dimensions are approximately 11.3 metres long by 3.6 metres wide (the net square footage is around 450). Ceiling height is standard, and there are windows (with installed aircon) and a bathroom at the far end.

I chose the top floor to avoid loud noises from higher floors and to ensure as far as possible that my neighbours are mostly offices, although that doesn't necessary restrict what the workshop can be used for. Access is via stairs from the floor below, as is common for top floors in these kinds of buildings.

The building itself is very well maintained and looks like a commercial office in the lobby area. The position is central within the Kowloon Bay CBD2 area.

I've owned the property for almost 4 years and currently lease it out as an office for a reasonable but not great return. Now I'm wondering if there might be some other creative uses for it, perhaps something I can also be directly involved in rather than just as a landlord.

I've thought about a wood-working shop, a recording studio, a start-up hub/incubator, a writer's garret, and various other self uses. Not having direct lift access limits some possibilities, but it also ensures no heavy users on the same floor or above.

Any ideas?