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HK property advise: lepont & lp6

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    Le Pont is a good buy. The estate nearby Napa is similar concept selling 2 bed for 7m plus whereas you can pick up a small 2 bed at Le Pont for 4.8m, more realistically 5.5m. thus in 2-3 years you'd likely be able to sell and make a decent profit.

    There are 80% loans if you have proper income proof and MPF. Interest rates are on the rise so you have to be prepared for the rising payment and you'll be making payments for 12+ months with no flat (no rental income, not able to live there). Delivery date is June 2020 (could be earlier or later).

    Lohas park is just a bad location. Tuen Mun has future convenience to the airport (bridge/tunnel being built) plus the whole access to Macau and Shenzhen. LP has nothing planned, I rather be closer to the airport myself. The road and area is not convenient now, but who knows it could be later but that's a bit if. If you want a peaceful environment for yourself, this would be a good fit for you.

    Even if HK property drops. The value of Le pont should be strong--I think Vanke made prices cheap since it's their first project and they wanted some free PR. There will likely be deals to be had in the future so unless you love it, then wait. You're stuck with your property here once you buy it. Resale is getting more difficult and you need to wait at least 3 years before selling to avoid taxes.

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    LePont is currently on fire. There are like +20 fire engines here.

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