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Webb on the MPF

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    Webb on the MPF

    Haven't had a chance to listen to this yet, but David Webb normally has good stuff to say.

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    His suggestions on Taxation also worth a read..

    Not something new but it makes one wonder..
    1) 50% of population living in public estate get huge deductions as cheap rental
    2) x% of property owners get deductions for interest on mortgage
    3) x% of renters (high income with big companies) get rental reimbursement (provided by employer)
    4) only one group left out - x% of renters (mostly middle income) without rental reimbursement provided by employer..

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    Wow I listened to this in its entirety

    Francis who seems to running a private company but seems to be a government apologist

    Bill from the FTU who has no clue on economics

    Mary Ann Kong who wrote the government paper and is classic HK politics, ie not doing what makes sense but what is politically acceptable

    David Webb seems to be the only one who has a clue

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