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Using Multiple Agents for a Rental Property

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    Using Multiple Agents for a Rental Property

    Dear all

    Apologies I'm a newbie to this forum, relatively inexperienced in HK property and dont currently live on the island so would be grateful for any advice.

    I have a rental property which I have on via a single agent to let but its had little interest since its been on the market say a month or so. The agent suggested using multiple agents which I'm a little hesitant to do. Does anyone have experience of using multiple agents for rental and if so how did it work, does it alter the terms and conditions of the agent and do you have any tips for going multiple?

    Thank in advance

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    Yes you should use multiple agents. Only the agent who does the deal gets paid. Unless you signed a sole or exclusive agent/agency agreement.

    Usually you can leave your key with management or one agency. Other agents you can advise them where to pick up the key and make a copy. Agents and agencies usually work together in this matter.

    You of course do not want to have valuables in your home.

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