MCD: luvin' it!

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    MCD: luvin' it!

    But i cannot quite understand how this MCD insider, Mr. Borden, on the same day, bought 4K shares and sold 4K shares. He bought at $63.25 and sold at $199.25; yeah, all on the same day. That is a good example of 'buy low-sell high'. Usually i must wait months or years or decades to gain such profits.

    Is this 'shorting the stock'; insider manipulation or a typo? Look here, near the bottom:

    Not my problem but i am a shareholder and am happy enough the recent uptick. Now eagerly awaiting the MCD 'mushroom/oat/pea burger to hit the frypans.

    Too bad HK MCD cannot offer late night cheap snacks/coffee/tea for the HK Black Shirts coz tired old mainland china would then claim the feelings of 1,300,000,000 chinese would be 'hurt'. Not relevant to first para.

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    In terms of the buy low sell high, he will be an employee who has a warrant issued as part of his package. This will give him the right to basically buy a newly minted share for a pre-set price.