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Bringing the money out of HK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kowloon72:
    I think you're a bit muddled there. Dividends are usually taxed at source. A US stock market ETF UCITS like IUSA will be subject to 15% witholding tax whether you hold it with HSBC Jersey or IB in Hong Kong. There won't be any extra tax applied in Jersey.

    Shares in Link will not be subject to witholding tax wherever you hold them, and FWIW I think HSBC expat only allows for US and UK sharedealing anyway. Likewise stocks or ETFs that are UK based like Shell or a FTSE 100 tracker will be paid without any witholding tax wherever you hold them.

    US stocks and ETFs listed in the US like VOO and QQQ, or in HK like 3140, are subject to 30% witholding tax wherever you hold them.
    Thank you for your comment. Yes, apparently I am very muddled. I thought for example if you are in the US you pay 30% tax on all dividends from every part of the world? That was my understanding all these years?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cminds:
    If you open an account, minimum is $10,000hkd. Also if you are a HKPR, write your citizenship as HK. I wrote mine as Canadian but they told me because I'm a PR with no visa, to change it to HK.
    Didn't want to derail the SoFi thread I saw this in but I alluded to this earlier and wanted to revisit.

    I've found this to be the case for myself as well where opening bank accounts with HKID (even without PR), I was never asked for nationality or a passport and I believe the staff simply enters HK for my nationality if they enter one at all. Is this generally the case for others and is this a gap in CRS I wonder..

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    but forex control

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