Hi, if say I am a HK permanent resident and I came back to my home country and within that 3 years I was not able to return to Hong Kong. I dont have any plan to work here for another 2 years.

1. If im not a permanent resident anymore, can I withdraw my mpf?

2. Im currently at 25% china equity and 75% us equity, what is your suggested allocation if I will get my mpf after 3 years considering the above 1st paragraph, market scenario and if i dont have a final decision when to get my mpf. I dont need my mpf in 2 decades but im concern about possibility of taxation at my home country if i withdraw in 2 decades/not a HK pr anymore.

3. Suggested allocation if to be withdraw in 2 decades, i have 25% equities, 15% cash/high interest savings 50%bond in my country. Im thinking to retain my mpf as diversification to foreign markets although we have foreign equities offered by my home country local bank with same fees.

Thank you.