If you need to ask on the expat forum for explanation on this type of product, then it's better not investing in them. Stir away from so called "crisis proof" investment like over leveraged/inverse ETF/ETN, you lose money on the cost it takes for the funds manager to renew the futures contracts etc... and it can go wrong really fast.

Instead look at industry exposure, some industries tend to do well during crisis like the gaming industry. Basically anything that you use at home to spend your time. Since this summer will be hard to travel anywhere people will look at spending their money elsewhere. Could be small pleasure like skincare (Sisheido, Loreal etc...), gaming (EA, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Nintendo) to alcohol to give a few examples.

Also companies with lots of homecare and beautycare products (P&G, J&J, Unilever etc...) dont take a massive hit like financials. Gold shouldn't be too bad either.