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Investing in a broad range of healthcare still viable or that ship sailed?

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    Investing in a broad range of healthcare still viable or that ship sailed?


    Also, how about broad range North American equity?

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    There are a few ETFs and funds that cater to the medical / healthcare sector.

    Blackrock's BME and BMEZ stand out in my books (but they're not ETFs and require some amount of studying...). And I have not studied these funds in any great detail.

    Also, Blackrock do have a UK listed ETF 'HEAL' under their iShares umbrella...

    Have not studied any of these ... so your call.

    Many of the larger drug companies are in major sector / broad indexes (spdrs / S&P etc) and a few are also in high dividend indexes...

    Pick your pill...

    (Good ships continue to sail and make several journeys...)

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    There are also VHT and XLV. XLV is more popular, it has about twice as much AUM, but a slightly higher fee and lower return than VHT.

    VHT: AUM $10.6B, expense ratio 0.10%, YTD -1.30%, 3 year 31.51%
    XLV: AUM $22.5B, expense ratio 0.13%, YTD -3.40%, 3 year 28.34%

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    I bought some IDNA shares April 1. Am happy now and once one of the members of this ETF finds the vaccine, I'll be double happy.
    But is not a general 'healthcare' ETF, but rather a specialized Genetic and Immunology ETF of worldwide picks.
    Give it a look.

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