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HSBC - A Good Investment for HKers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eightfivetwo:
    Doubt the UK retail biz is worth much... UK retail in general doesn't make much money, especially compared to HK. Low savings, lots of bad debt and in general a populace that lives relatively paycheck to paycheck vs what we're used to here in HK/ SG.
    Sounds like a perfect environment for a retail bank. Savers don't make banks any money, but high risk borrowers do.

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    You and Manus Costello don't see eye to eye - you favour the three-legged stool strategy.I don't think a one legged HSBC will be like the mainland giants - they are after all state owned and used as policy tools.Told who to lend to even if it means non performing loans down the road.Is there any synergy between the banking operations in uk and asia?There is some network effect - but maybe that is more of a problem - would be interesting to know how many of the finCEN files were about HSBC-HSBC transfers.

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    HSBC + ICBC?

    Commercial banker to the world?

    Their branding is already reminiscent

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    Hong Kong Industrial Banking Corp?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobRoy:
    And HSBC is not alone in the banking sector to provide such horrible returns to its shareholders. It always boggles my mind how these banks can be full to the brim of extremely well paid people, but they fail to deliver any value to their owners.
    because they can get away with it and nobody holds them accountable. look at all those "millions of dollars" of no-fault settlements and fines. it's just a cost of doing business. so why change?

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