Expat-friendly online brokerage in HK?

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    Question Expat-friendly online brokerage in HK?

    I'm a Canadian citizen that just graduated from a Canadian university and I'm moving to Hong Kong for a year for Masters studies with a student visa (not a HK citizen). I plan to work in HK for 2-3 years before moving back to Canada permanently. My parents currently fund my studies (I have no debt) and I currently invested most of my earned part-time and internship money in Wealthsimple. I was just told that since I'll become a non-resident, I cannot trade with my current account.

    My question is: which online brokerage should I use that is expat-friendly (accessible/tradable in Canada and HK), low fees, and no minimum balance? I'm a beginner investor who focuses on ETFs, index funds, stocks, and bonds.


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