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Changing mortgage with the current interest rates

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    Changing mortgage with the current interest rates

    Hi guys,
    I was just wondering if there were any good offers in terms of rebate or other incentives to move mortgages? Currently with SCB and it's due for the 1st 2 year term in late Oct. Just to share, for those thinking of SCB, they did offer me a good rebate 2 years ago and the service has been fine. You get the Priority Banking which is like HSBC Premier and the credit card was pretty good which had complimentary 1 year Priority Pass. Thanks again

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    I see mreferral does not identify the banks. Have seen a couple of comments on here about them in the last few months implying that these are best case scenarios (some might say bait..).

    In my experience - SC / HSBC are usually not the best offers in town. BoC, Wing Hang OCBC and BEA have done better with us in the past - no clue what their offers are like now.

    Regardless - I'd start with a mortgage broker like mreferral / centamortgage and see if they can get you a better offer,

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