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Motley Fool HK shutting down

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    Received this message this morning from the Fool. I'm not an aggressive investor (just a passive one that focuses on growth) and their insight and advice (has) helped me quite a lot in expanding my knowledge and "wisdom" about/in investing.

    It's kind of sad to see them go.

    Wish them the best.

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    It comes as a shock, maybe I've been living under a cave in HK but I didn't know MF existed in HK until this thread. And I was a v active member of Moneysavingexpert and other similar sites in the UK

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    After my experience with the Motley Spammer in Australia I was strongly motivated never to visit a Motley Fool website again so never knew they existed in HK.

    Apparently they thought it was a good marketing plan to send me twice daily emails extolling all the wonderful advice they could give me if only I subscribed to whatever services they were selling and wouldn't stop sending until I threatened to report them to the local regulator.

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