Selling shares whilst in Hong Kong

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    Selling shares whilst in Hong Kong

    Hi folks,

    I have shares that I bought whilst back in the UK.

    If I sell them while I'm paying tax in Hong Kong, what tax would I pay on the profits?

    Also, anyone know if the UK would apply any additional tax (I'll be here for more than a full UK tax year so shouldn't be paying any tax in UK I think...).


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    There no tax on investment profits in Hong Kong. If you are not Ordinarily Resident in the UK then no tax there either. Lots of good stuff on the HMRC website.

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    dont quote me but not sure if you might be liable for capital gains tax in the UK. thats assuming theyve gone up in value !

    you can earn about 7000 pounds profit on the sale in the UK anything above that UK residents pay CGT, its about 40% i think cant remember

    but not sure how it works if your not in the UK, guess im in the same boat as i have UK shares, but then i do the dealing through a UK bank still so might get a tax bill