Good time to invest in Hang Seng?

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    In case anyone is wondering, the Hong Kong Securities Market only accepts limit orders during the continuous trading phase (that is, 10-1230 and 230-4), this is unlike many other markets in the world that have a "market" option.
    Some brokers, trading systems, implement a fake market price option, but as already mentioned in this thread, it can result in slightly unpredictable outcomes.

    Just use a limit price and modify it now and then, for a highly liquid stock such as HSBC you won't have any problem getting in. And besides, you're looking to make ~30% and not ~1% profit right? So a difference of a few cents means almost nothing in the long term.

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    Ok, thanks. I'll take another look tomorrow. The point is, I really don't know what to enter into the price box - all stuff I need to learn and all part of the fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HKNewBi:
    I happen to have some spare cash sitting in an HSBC account earning next to nothing.

    Was thinking of buying an HSI tracker fund. Is now a good time or given the HSI has doubled in 12 months, further growth unlikely.

    Do the HSI tracker funds pay dividends?

    Bit new to this so any advice appreciated. I also appreciate any view of where the HSI is going it speculative and not definative.

    How many cash?

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