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No, I'm not referring to inland road restrictions which applies in the US.

I talking about the restrictions imposed by the shipping companies as a ploy to apply overweight charges. For example, used to load 20MT to Europe, lately freight companies limit price to the first 12-14MT, then apply overweight charge between 14-18MT extra. Now, the latest is even if you are willing to pay overweight surcharge, they won't take more than 14MT gross per 20'fcl!
Luckily my best friend in the world is the director of a frieght company. He sent me this information from one of the main lines. It explains everything fully.

Dear customers,
Further to the increasing volume of heavy 20' DV in North China the FEFC (Far Eastern Freight Conference) member lines did implement in February 2007 a 20’ heavy container premium in North PRC.
CMA-CGM did implement from 1st of February a premium of USD 300 per 20’ container with a weight of more than 20 tonnes including tare and USD 150 per 20' container of weight 19.9 tonnes or less including tare.
However the problem of weight of 20’ container is now not exclusive to North China and we are faced with an increased average weight due to a higher proportion of 20’ containers booked in all Asian ports.
CMA like other lines have therefore decided to implement the Overweight Surcharge per 20’ container premium all over Asia ie. in Central and South PRC, South Asia and other Far East countries.

As a consequence the following surcharges will be applied:
1/ Effective 01/06/2007 CMA-CGM will implement an “Asia 20’ overweight surcharge” in all ports of origin in Asia and including Bangladesh as follows :
- 20’ container over 14 Tonnes (including Tare) = USD 150 / container
- 20’ container over 20 Tonnes (including Tare) = USD 300 / container.

2/ Effective 10/06/2007, FEFC is announcing an increase of the “20’ Container Premium in North PRC” ( ports of Yantai / Dalian / Qingdao / Lyanyungang / Xingang – Tianjin ) to USD 250 per container. Therefore CMA-CGM will charge a “20’ container premium in North PRC” as follows :
- All 20’ containers below 20 Tonnes (including Tare) = USD 250 / container
- 20’ container over 20 Tonnes (including Tare) = USD 400 / container.

These surcharges are applicable for all CIF and FOB cargoes booked on Asia to North Europe Loops.
If you require any further clarification please contact our internal sales team on 0151 227 1771.

Best Regards,